Pulse // Artist Statement

After 30 years of producing artwork with traditional brushes and pallet knife, Leon has expanded into a new, experimental artform. Over the last two years, Leon has mastered the art of harnessing sounds from the coastline and urban spaces to create visual concepts from their vibrations. 

To pair his artform with these recordings, he designed a unique, creative process by systematically placing speakers around and underneath the painting surface. As the recordings inspire him, he applies color to the canvas and allows the vibrations to form organic mixtures. The recordings play a symphony of activity, creating layers of vibrations that manifest as a “fingerprint” of the day’s essence. Rather than using traditional resin, which is harmful to the environment, Leon applies an eco-friendly epoxy whose main ingredient is egg shells, giving the painting its glossy finish. In the spirit of environmental sustainability, he also incorporates repurposed glass bottles, tin cans, and paper left behind by beach visitors; as such, a piece of the beach is always found in each painting.


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